Privacy Policy For Led Tv

Privacy Policy


1.“You” and “Your” indicates the purchaser of this plan i.e. customer or the person to whom this plan was properly transferred in accordance with the terms set out herein below.
2.“We”, “us” or “our” refers to jumbo Warranty Services
3.“Covered Product” or “Product” or “Unit” shall mean the electronic product in relation to which this Annual Maintenance plan has been purchased by you.
4.“Plan” shall mean Annual Maintenance Plan purchased by you.
5.“AMP” means present Annual Maintenance Plan.
6.“Carry in” indicates that when jumbo Call Centre diagnoses a hardware problem, we will invite you to carry the defective unit and a copy of the plan to the Authorized Service Centre. The cost of replaced components/ parts and labour will be borne entirely by us; while the cost for transportation of the defective unit to our authorized service centre and collecting it back will be borne by you. Jumbo Warranty Service shall not be responsible in case of any damage to the unit/product during transit.
7.“On site” indicates that when our Call Centre diagnoses a hardware problem, we will schedule a visit of our engineer to your premises from the nearest Authorized Service Centre to repair the hardware issue. However, if your location is more than 40kms away from our nearest Authorized Service Centre, such ON SITE facility shall not be provided to you. In case of On Site repair facility is provided to you, the cost of transport, to and from will be borne by you while we will bear the costs of parts, components and labour to repair the unit.
8.“2/3 year plan” shall mean Annual Maintenance Plan with 2 or 3 years of coverage on the product from the date of original plan purchase.
9.“Coverage Term” or “Term” means number of years of coverage of annual maintenance of your product under the plan purchased by you, starting from the coverage start date i.e. the date of purchase of AMP.
Services Covered under AMP:
This Annual Maintenance Plan covers below services by us on your covered product for the coverage term:
1.Service of your product at our cost, as and when required
2.Repair of defects in hardware of the product
3.Replacement of any non working part
4.To secure your product's normal working condition, after it has suffered any hardware problem covered under this plan
However, the above services shall be subject to other terms and conditions mentioned herein.



The plan covers call center technical support related to hardware faults of Your product.

1.The plan covers call center technical support related to hardware faults of Your product.
2.In case of LED/ LCD/ PLASMA TV, the plan covers cost of labour, components and internal spare parts (which are standard to the product at the time of purchase) to be used in the repair including Main board, Speaker, SMPS, PANEL, Display etc.
3.External parts includes such as sockets, control/Slide switches, Body Covers, Casings, Plastic Molded Parts, Breakage or Damage to Antennas and any other component etc.
4.This plan does not cover replacement of any part which are except those mentioned elsewhere in the document as not included. The parts replaced will not be returned and will become our property.
5.If a repair will cost more than the market price of replacement, we may replace the failed Product Are you replace whole product? If not replace word product with part in this linewith equivalent model with similar or better specification at our own discretion, which in any case, will not exceed the original price paid by you for the product less taxes and appropriate deductibles. Products presented for replacement may be replaced by refurbished products of the same type rather than being repaired.
How to access our Services:
1.If you face any problem with the hardware of your product, you may-
Call us at our Toll-Free Number 1800-3000-2670 or;
email us at or;
Contact through our website;
Contact at our Corporate Office: 230-231/2nd Floor, Sunrise Mall, Mansi Circle,Vastrapur-3830015, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
2.Once we receive your service request, we will quickly respond to your query and guide you to solve the problem over phone or email.
3.If the problem is not solved, we will try to solve it personally attending the product on the basis of carry in or onsite basis. It shall solely our discretion whether to attend the complain carry in basis or onsite basis.
4.If you are advised for carry in service, it is obligatory on your part to bring the product at our nearest service center within 5 working days along with the AMP documents. In case of failure to do so, your complaint registered with us shall be marked as resolved.
5.To know list of cities covered by our Authorized Service Centers, visit our website
6.For Specific center nearest to your location, please call our Toll Free Number with your registration details/numbers.
7.Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays during business hours: 10:30 Hrs – 06:30 Hrs.


Term of Coverage

  • 1.The AMP starts on the date of purchase. However, term of coverage is after testing and approving your product by us. That means you shall be entitled to services only after testing of your product. Testing time is 10 days after registration of your AMP. In case of out of area, AMP will start within 10 days on call.
    2.You will solely and fully be responsible for any consequences of any negligence on your part
    3.We will not be held responsible if anything happen in your product before testing process
    4.It is your responsibility to retain and provide the proof of entitlement at the time of availing the service, such as, the invoice or delivery receipt of the Product with serial number and machine type along with the registration certificate of this plan.
    5.Customer can buy warranty anytime after purchase of a product. However, there may be addition/deletion/ modification in AMP terms based of assessment and testing the product. Special jumbo coverage plans are also available for old and refurbished product.
    6.You shall follow our instructions and procedure about services schedule. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur under Serial number. Handling of Personal Information and Data:
    1.We will use the information provided by You, only for the purpose of the rendering the services under this plan. You are responsible for backing up any data stored on the Product prior to Contacting jumbo Call Centre and the Authorized Service Centre for support.
    2.We shall not be liable for any loss, alteration or corruption of any software, data or files or consequences of data loss or alteration or corruption as a result of us servicing the Product under the plan.
    3.In case of fraud or misrepresentation on your part, AMP will be detained or cancelled.

Does Not Cover

  • 1.Pre-existing, pending for repair defective conditions known to you i.e. those conditions incurred prior to the date of commencement of Coverage under this plan.
    2.Damage or defects caused by unauthorized repair, incorrect installation, mishandling, theft, burglary and accident, terrorism, abuse or misuse of the product, fire, use on an incorrect voltage, power surges, power dips, poor environmental operating conditions such as exposure to dirt, sand, water, dropping, liquid or food spillage, fire, shock, physical impact, thunderstorm, household pets, rats, cockroaches or any other animals or insects, Force Majeure etc.
    3.Any damage caused due to breach of manufacturer's operating instructions.
    4.Problems or defects not covered under the original Manufacturer's Warranty.
    5.Installation, repair, upgrade or any other related service to a licensed, unlicensed or unauthorized software / OS / hardware.
    6.Any viewing or audio irregularity that may be caused by broadcast, cable or satellite abnormalities or transmission signal quality or imperfections, quality issues or defects when displaying 3-D content on 3-D compatible TVs or issues like blooming, blurring, colour shift, an imbalance of back lighting etc. in one or more areas of the TV.
    7.Dying or Dead Pixels and Sub-pixels equaling 9 or less are within normal limits and are not treated as defects. However, pixel and sub-pixel defects totaling 10 or more are covered under the plan.
    8.Cost related to damage to or loss of any programs, data or removable storage media, or costs of recovering such programs or data.
    -9.Damage due to any virus/spyware/malware/Trojan etc.
    10.Parts and upgrades not approved by the original equipment manufacturers and not covered in the original manufacturer warranty and; Problems or defects not covered under the original Manufacturer's Warranty.
    11.The product whose Warranty entitlement Certificates, WS Plan entitlement documents, Serial number / product detail number plate, receipt etc. has been modified or defaced or ruined.
    12.Damage or loss caused by events that occur outside India.
    13.In case the defect is not reproduced at jumbo Service Centers (JSC).
    14.Issues related to Network Service provider.
    15.Any Software related issues.
    16.Issues related to all kind of Accessories.
    Jumbo Service Centers (JSC) will attach the Courier Receipt Docket to Call Report to specify the DOA/Accessories replacement. Based on the JSC Call reports/certifications Replacements to End Customers will be shipped directly by the Resellers/dealers for Full Units/Accessories as per the reseller/dealer norms of submission of the subjective defectives set forth/agreed with its customers at the time of purchase of the product.

DOA(Dead on Arrival) Policy

  • DOA(Dead on Arrival) Policy
  • OBJECTIVE: The Objective is to provide clear guidelines for DOA certifications and clear timelines for DOA Products submission to be followed by Reseller, jumbo Warranty and End Customer.
  • SCOPE: The scope of below DOA Policy includes Products sold through Resellers for on-line purchases.




  • “Any Product with Accessories, that is damaged but unseen from the outside of the carton, will be termed as Dead On Arrival (Concealed Damages).Concealed damaged/Short Shipment must be reported to the reseller within 3 days of date received. Short Shipment/Visible damage should be refused and not accepted at time of delivery.”
  • DOA/Accessories Replacement for Concealed Damages will not be covered under the purview of jumbo Warranty Services and resolution to such cases must be provided by the reseller to its end customer directly.



  • I hereby certify that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Service Plan and I declare that I am entering into a relationship as a subscriber of services after finding the terms and conditions acceptable to me.
  • I will comply with the claims procedure set out in the plan and I authorize you not to carry out any repairs or replacement, under this plan in case of noncompliance. I declare that details and information provided by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and in case of any error or change in respect thereof, I shall promptly inform of the same and agree that in case of non-conformance of the same, jumbo Warranty Services .
  • Shall be entitled to withdraw or terminate the contract.



DOA (Dead on Arrival) NORMAL USAGE

  • “Any Product/Accessories, which has developed a functional Defect, at the point of sale, and is within 10 Days from receipt of Products by the end customer will be termed as Dead On Arrival (here-in referred as DOA).”
  • DOA shall not be considered under the following conditions –
  • In case the defect is not reproduced at jumbo Service Centers (jSC).
  • Issues related to Network Service provider.
  • Any Software related issues.
  • Issues related to all kind of Accessories.
  • Jumbo Service Centers (jSC) will attach the Courier Receipt Docket to Call Report to specify the DOA/Accessories replacement.
  • Based on the jSC Call reports/certifications Replacements to End Customers will be shipped directly by the Resellers for Full Units/Accessories as per the reseller norms of submission of the subjective defectives set forth/agreed with its customers at the time of purchase of the product.


Risk / Allocation of Risk

  • 1.You agree that no risk of any kind is being assumed by us / transferred to us in respect of the Product or otherwise under this plan. 2.The details like service coverage, exclusions, all other terms, conditions and limitation of liability set forth in this plan are fundamental elements of this plan. 3.You agree that we would not be able to provide You the services under this plan without such limitations.



  • We agree that purchase of this plan by You or rendering of the services under this plan shall not under any circumstances entitle us to any rights of subrogation.

Cancellation and Termination: Please note that:

  • We may cancel the plan at any time by giving you 15 days notice in writing to your last known address. You will be eligible for a pro-rata refund of the fee you paid adjusted after tax.
  • This plan will be cancelled in the event of fraud, attempted fraud, or non-disclosure of any changes that affect this plan and no refund of plan fee will be due to our end.
  • We may terminate this plan by written notice of 7 days in the event of theft of the Product, fraud or attempted fraud or material breach of the terms of this plan by You with no refund.
  • This plan stands automatically terminated in case of Product replacement to you.
  • Event of Default Non- replacement of the Product that cannot be repaired by us, shall constitute an ‘event of default’. In such an event, you shall be entitled to liquidated damages, which will not exceed the original purchase price of the product less taxes.
  • You agree that payment of such liquidated damages shall constitute full & final settlement of your claim. You further agree that in such a case the ownership of the Product shall stand transferred to us.



Governing Laws and Dispute Resolution

This Annual Maintenance Plan shall be governed by the present terms and conditions and under other governing laws of India. In case of any dispute, the courts of Ahmedabad shall have the sole jurisdiction. However, both the parties shall try to solve the minor issues amicably and decision of Jumbo Warranty Service shall be final and binding.


Limitation of Liability

  • 1.The sole purpose of this plan shall be repair or replacement of defective part(s) as provided above. We warrant that we will perform services using reasonable care and skill.
    2.Under no circumstances we shall be liable to the end user or any third party or manufacturer or dealer for any damages; included but not limited to loss of: data, operating system, application software, business, revenue or profits; or any other direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or non consequential damages whether or not foreseeable and whether or not based on breach of services, contract or negligence in connection with the sale of the product even if jumbo or one of its commercial affiliates have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
    3.In no case will the total compensation exceed the original purchase price of AMP less taxes and cost of services delivered by us.
    4.All expressed and implied services for the product under this plan, are limited in duration to the services periods set forth above and no services, whether expressed or implied, will apply after such period.
    5.Except as stated above, no other services of any kind, express or implied, extend beyond the express services as referenced above.
    6.We expressly disclaim any services, express or implied, that the spare parts used in repair of product hereunder are of merchantable quality or fit for a particular purpose, and disclaim any other services provided by statute, common law or course of dealing, usage or trade not expressly provided herein.
    7.We do not provide any insurance policy or warrant for manufacturing warranty. We only provide third party warranty on other manufacturer's LED ,LCD, plazma that customer has bought and come to us.




  • 1.A waiver of any right under this plan is only effective if it is in writing and shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach or default.
    2.No failure or delay by a party in exercising any right or remedy under the plan or by law shall constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy, nor preclude or restrict its further exercise.
    3.No single or partial exercise of such right or remedy shall preclude or restrict the further exercise of that or any other right or remedy. Unless specifically provided otherwise, rights arising under the plan are cumulative and do not exclude rights provided by law.




  • 1.If any provision(s) of the plan are declared to be invalid, such provision(s) shall be severed from this plan and the other provision(s) shall remain in full force and effect.
    2.Entire Agreement This plan constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior agreement.




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